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preschool gymnastics

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Sweet Peas is an educational gymnastics program designed to promote physical, social and cognitive development in children six months to six years old. Sweet Peas Gymnastics provides movement and sensory based activities that are fun and developmentally loaded! Our curriculum helps forge the architecture of a child's brain that will serve him or her for a lifetime.

2 Peas

Who: Boys and Girls

Age: 18 mos- 2yrs

Length of Class: 30 minutes

Tuition: $65/month


2 Peas is the perfect class to introduce toddlers to jumping, rolling, climbing and playing in a safe and fun environment!  An adult is required to attend class with the toddler to help navigate the class and obstacles.

3/4 Peas

Who: Boys and Girls

Age:  3-4 years

Length of Class: 40 minutes

Tuition: $70/month


A fun and fast-paced introduction to gymnastics for our 3 to 4 years old boys and girls. They will get to use all the "mini" equipment plus the trampolines and foam pits. Emphasis is placed on beginning gymnastics skill introduction on each event. Obstacle courses, games, music, and creative activities allow our students to explore the world of movement while experiencing the gymnastics basics.

5 Peas

Who: Boys and Girls

Age: 5-6

Length of Class: 55 Minutes

Tuition: $78/month


5 Peas classes are for Kindergarteners (ages 5-6).  This class transitions from Preschool development and prepares athletes for Girls Beginning 1 and Boys Beginning 1 classes starting in First grade.


Register for classes online or call us at (406) 442-1840.

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