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Competitive Gymnastics

Competitive Gymnastics is one of the primary goals of Gym406. We feel every child should have a chance to compete if is their desire. To fulfill this goal we have established several different competition experiences.

Gym406 Girls Xcel Team

Xcel provides an opportunity for everyone to experience the world of gymnastics competition. The time commitment is 4 to 11 hours per week.  Xcel girls start out at the Bronze or Silver level and work up through the levels until they reach the Diamond division. This is the perfect  program for girls who like to compete in other sports or activities, or for those who discovered their passion for gymnastics later in childhood.  Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Xcel Teams will compete in Montana only, 

and our Platinum and Diamond athletes have the opportunity to travel out of states as well as to qualifying championships such as State and Regionals. 

As with all of our competitive programs, you must have a successful completion of the Intermediate level and the permission of one of our team staff to join the team. 

Register for classes online or call us at (406) 442-1840.

Gym406 Girls Developmental Program Team

This team is for those gymnasts that are aiming for the top levels of USA Gymnastics. Gym406 competes at levels 3-10. The financial and time commitment is more than at the lower Xcel levels. Athletes in the Developmental Program will train between 6 and 16 hours per week.  Our level 3-10 athletes compete both in State and out of State, as well as at qualifying championships such as State, Regionals and Nationals. All the competitions we attend are USA Gymnastics sanctioned.

Gym406 Boys Team

One of the longest running boys programs in the northwest, Gym406 has fielded a boys team since 1979. Experience in competitive gymnastics has been shown to increase success in all other sports! Gym406 currently offers USA Gymnastics levels 3-10, as well as a newly implemented Xcel Team.  Boys on the competitive team will train between 4 and 12 hours per week, depending on level.  All athletes have the opportunity to qualify to State and Regional Championships and level 8-10's have the opportunity to qualify to National Championships. 

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