Welcome to a glimpse into our Gym406 Jumpstart Preschool Family! We are glad you’re visiting. Our program is located in the Gym406 facility. Having our school here grants for a truly unique preschool experience by allowing children to learn and grow while doing what they do best, moving and exploring the world around them.

We often get asked what we do and what curriculum we use.  The answer is simple -- your child! At Jumpstart, we pride ourselves on having a small, tight-knit family and the ability to give lots of attention to each child. This small setting allows us to truly get to know your child and let them take the lead in learning.  It looks and sounds different at Jumpstart than you might envision. The children learn through their play and what is relevant to them in that moment of time. We understand the importance of developing all of the intricate systems in the bodies of our children and that those develop at a rate unique to each child. 

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Here is a little bit about who we are and what we believe at Jumpstart:

Children learn through sensory and movement based experiences.  We have placed an emphasis on this style of learning in our classroom by designing a preschool program which integrates physical play with academic learning and call it “movement based learning”.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Gym406 Jumpstart is to utilize the unique environment that will foster the emotional, intellectual, creative, physical, and social development of our preschool students.


We are a half-day preschool. Our hours are 8:30am-11:30am. We are flexible with the days per week that your child attends. 

**We are FULL for the 2019-20 JUMPSTART school year.

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to be added to the 2020-21 waitlist.**

We also have a few names on the 2021-22 Wait List - please email Ms. Kyla for that option as well! kyla@gym406.com

Jumpstart Preschool is full for the 2019-2020 school year. Click the button below to be added to the 2020-21 waitlist. 

What is movement based learning?

Movement based learning is a way for us to apply the concept that when we are engaged in movement of the body, we are able to access multiple parts of our brain. When our students can access their brain and move their bodies simultaneously, they are in a state of mind ready for learning! At Jumpstart, we are extremely fortunate we have a huge place ready for us to integrate a variety of sensory and movement-based experiences for our learners. We are proud to also incorporate Project Based Learning in our curriculum, because it naturally allows for our students to be active learners and integrate academics with movement, play, projects, creativity, and critical thinking!


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