closures & absences

Gym406 class fees are based upon a 12-month enrollment schedule running from September 1st to August 31st of the following year. Our monthly fees reflect 12 equal payments based on 12-month student enrollment. Some months you receive fewer classes than others and some months you receive more classes. We do not prorate for closures or missed classes just as we do not charge extra for months you receive extra classes. There are two "sessions" that make up the 12 months. The School Year Session and the Summer Session. You must enroll in May for the Summer Session even if you attended the School Year Session.


New Years

Presidents Day


Spring Break

Memorial Day

4th of July

Teacher Training

Labor Day

MEA Meetings


Christmas/New Years

2021 Dates Closed

January 1

February 15

April 4


May 31

July 4-5


September 6


November 24-26


Register for classes online or call us at (406) 442-1840.

If you miss a class due to illness or other family circumstances other than planned gym closures, you may make up that class in another class of a similar level, if space permits. After two unannounced absences (you must call the office the week of the absence) your child’s spot will be forfeited.  We simply cannot hold openings for those who do not attend regularly unless the monthly tuition has been paid in full.